Santa's Ghetto, SOHO London 2005
December 1st through the 24th

I hooked up with the guys (and girl) at POW a few months back. They had seen a few of my illustrations in the very rad and oh so affordable zine Pavmentlicker (run buy ORKO and Josh Jones) and wanted to make and sell some prints with my illustrations....they must have been drunk or something. I quickly became a huge fan of POW and was very humbled by the talent they had to offer at there site. To have them ask me out to show at there annual Santa's Ghetto art gallery….I couldn't believe it. I quickly found a reasonably priced ticket on Yahoo and a box for my paintings……10 hours later I was surrounded by London.

This is the first picture I took in London….looks cold right? That's because it fucking is.


The Ghetto is two floors of artistic love and hate...this is the top and bottom floor respectively

This is Paul Insect.....his last name really isn't insect that's just the name he and his design buddy work under...apparently he is really into old anatomy text books. All the pieces he is standing in front of are colages cut from 50+ year old text books.

The face that is d*FACE.

Blurry for a reason.

This is some of my stuff (bottom)and some of Paul's.

The prints that POW made from my illustrations...they look good but gave me carpal tunnel after signing a few hundred of them in a row. I need a smaller signature.

This is the gallery toilet. It kinda reminded me of the toilet from that movie Train Spotting. Looks like some one had chicken curry.... I didn't climb in.

Work by 3D (Massive Attack)..he really likes teeth and haloes.

Jamie Hewlett....closest thing I have ever seen to rock star artist...fucking kills it.

Apparently Jamie is the king of organization and all his pen's and pencils are ordered in front of his desk from light to dark and soft to hard or something like that.....I'm going to start getting organized too...maybe that's the secret to drawing better than anyone else in the world. Seriously even upclose these illustrations are fucking perfect.

These guys were friends of d*FACE and were wearing twenty pounds of skull shaped silver on there fingers.

Impossible to move through the gallery opening night. All those stenciled poems were done by super genius Simon Munnery who has a book available through POW's website.

Free Tiger beer.....that's right TIGER beer....I was in the right place.

Gallery front as I began my long stumble home for the night.

That is Steve...the cash man behind his new soon to be gallery in Soho which is sure to be a hit, and on the right is Lucy Mclaughlan's silhouette.

The great thing about walking around any large city is that you end up running into some pretty cool shit...WK, Neck Face, Miss Van, and Banksy

I ended up going to the TATE Modern (free!!!)when I had some time off.....this is the face you make when you are surrounded by large white blocks...seriously try it some times..every one there had this same face.

While at the TATE I went and saw the Rousseau exhibit...none of the above pieces are his...but they where in his exhibition as shit that influenced him. It was just nice to see some one more obsessed with tigers than I.

Tate again...this was the product of some game called exquisite corpse....something about a group of artists getting together folding a piece of paper and then taking turns drawing off of each others illustrations until it ends up looking like this....fucking rad!

I also had time to stop by the British Museum (free as well)....more tiger obsessed artists and the rosetta stone. They also had half of Egypt and ancient Greece's art in there....kinda felt more like a jail for ancient art than a museum...whatever.

Back at the ghetto...this was one of the most interesting (and buy interesting I mean god awful disgusting) pieces at the show. Chris Cunningham sure has some strange shit going on up there....these are stills from a video he made that was shown at the Ghetto.

More ghetto funk from Fail, Sick Boy and others.

Banksy's new Kate Moss pieces....holly shit does pop art ever sell.

Fresh back from Israel...this is some more of his new stuff.

This is Ian's (I like Drawing's) newest invention....drawing on rubbish.....his new enemy is not the police but the garbage man.

I went ahead a added a little pink tiger decoration to the front of the shop (paranoid pranksters).

This is my new favorite thing to do while perusing book stores....I take pictures of the parts of books and magazines that I find interesting instead of buying the whole book. This book for instance was full of crap photos except for this one single photo...and boom now it's mine.

Tard guard, me in the cold, PROZAC? and "look kids, big Ben".

Back at the gallery again; Simon Munnery, Ben (Eine), Paul Insect, and d*FACE

Stanley Donwood (radiohead)

This is Polly Morgan's taxidermy work....fucking beautiful stuff....if I only had more money.

If you were a mouse and lived in my coat pocket, had a camera, and took a photo of me from inside of my left pocket...this is what it would look like.

New York poster king Faile's new prints.

Some of my work on cardboard.

Steph from POW on the phone...working as usual. Stephs house is like the UN....her roomates are from Poland (so many Polish in London, but I don't hear one good Polish joke), Iran, and Brazil or something.

POW's headquarters/office where all those print books and other goodness comes from. Stuff was was'd be going to the bathroom and trip over original pieces by Banksy, Eine, Faile and the like.

Fail, 3D and Banksy

Super Steve on the phone with Jude Law (hence the smile)

Banksy and Hewlett

Stacks and stacks of prints

Screens for Hewlett's stain glass window prints...they use some tar-like pigment....looks great but takes like 10 hours to dry. I don't envy the guy who cleans those.

Serious tea drinkers that lot. Random Banksy original in background


That's Ben in the black shirt showing off his new Hewlett print. He is the one responsible for all the prints on the site. I thought for sure they had some massive machine producing all those prints...but no, it's just Ben and one single-hinged press....amazing. He is also paints the crap out of old German letters....but never W's for some reason.

This was my work space while I made some new paintings for Steve and his new gallery. Had to be careful not to get any paint on Kate's million dollar smirk.......

Anthony Micalleff, Banksy

And that's it....that's what it's like to go to London to have an art show at a ghetto owned by Santa. Now go do something useful with your internet looking at porn or gambling.

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