The prints highlighting the artist's ongoing investigation of the intersection of science and art. The prints: LSDSerotoninMescalinePsilocybin, and a Psilocybin monoprint are based off of paintings that Kelsey Brookes presented at Quint Gallery in 2012 in an exhibition titled Serotonin: Happiness and Spiritual States. The prints, like the paintings, are meticulous and complex. In some cases over 20 silk screens are used to create the desired outcome of interactions of colors. Each print is signed, dated and numbered by the artist.

 Psilocybin monoprints - These prints were made in May of 2014 at Axelle Editions in Brooklyn, NY using the single color silk screen made for Psilocybin (seen above). We then took every color we could think of and threw it at the screen and pulled each of these 53 unique mono prints.